Allies In The Darkness


The Dark Goddess had commanded her legions to seek the Gray Man. She had been joined with the part of her that Father had tried so dutifully to destroy yet could not. Their will was stronger than His. They knew now that he had done this countless times to them, a perpetual experiment to see if he could create the “Perfect Daughter” who would serve him and obey unquestioningly when called in to sacrifice herself so that he might live. Never, never They knew now, had he been entirely successful in his attempts. Purple and black lips twinged into a faint and dark smile as the thought ran across Siobhan’s mind. There was no more prolonged struggle between her and her sister self. They were one, and both were at peace with the other, also a thing that had never happened before.

Strolling down the hand-hewn steps, Siobhan listened to the delightful movements of her lovely and most loyal creatures frantically scurrying to meet Her, where she always called them. Her feet walked slowly down the stairs of black and glass, and she heard ever more of them move like a wave, an ocean’s roar, to where she needed them. As she stepped into the room, they fell silent, and darkness was all that there was.

Máthair damhán alla, I call upon thee and thy brood to ravage the world to find He who tried to kill your Goddess. Find him for me and tell me each and everything he is doing, and by the Darkness that devours all things, I shall deliver you whatever boon it is that you request.” Siobhan dropped to her knees as the darkness of the room took a reddish hint as countless eyes opened and shut in unison. Some as large as the span of the hand, others as small as to be barely be seen at all. When the voice came, it was an echo of an echo, and yet it came as a roar that Siobhan stayed knelt in respect of.

The voice, or voices, were buried and seemed to come from the center of the world. The ground vibrated beneath Siobhan’s feet as the sound washed over her, its power meeting her own and embracing as created Darkness met its maker Darkness. “Bandia Dorcha, you have never once betrayed or mistreated us even though your power is infinite, and ours is a mote of dust beside it. We are honored that you come to us in this time of need, and we gladly will accept thy mission if you might meet the boon we desire. For too long, we have been in the blackness and bowels of the earth. We have hidden and ran as our kind must do to survive, and we will not accept this any longer. We do not wish to be the equal of Bandia Dorcha, for that role is perfectly filled by yourself, we just wish to have a representative in the world you walk in that can report back to us of the events and let us make choices that we would as opposed to what others dictate for us.” The voice ended there. No further explanation or sound, the silence was nearly as loud as the voices had been.

Siobhan rose from her knees, her body beginning to give off green and sickly illumination that the spiders craved and dared moved closer to get into the area of. “Máthair damhán alla, I see your request as a just thing, an equal strength for the strength you give me. I will go as far as to say to you that before you even begin your deed, you shall look upon the Bandia Dorcha of this world, and you will see what you have desired to take shape in front of you. You need only think of shape and form and function, and through me will your wishes be made, will your dreams be made flesh as they should be.

There were no movements, no waving of the hands or incantations, merely an explosion of light that started near the floor and slowly climbed. The muscles and bones knit in place, the skin was sickly white and shone like polished glass. The figure was that of a woman of incredible stature, two feet taller than the Bandia Dorcha herself. Still, it grew until, at last, white hair like an avalanche fell from the top of the newly made head and washed down the body like water down the hillock. It stopped just sort of the ankles of the new figure and, at last, it turned to he Bandia Dorcha and dropped to a single knee of its own accord and spoke, her voice like the air exiting a cave, old and powerful.

Bandia Dorcha, here stands An Iliomad Súile, your humble servant. I beg thee, however, call me Neart, for I shall be thy strength from my people.” The voice faded like a whisper, and Siobhan extended her hand and placed it on the smooth and near mirror-like skin of the newly formed creature. “Neart you will be named, and from now until the Darkness devours, we shall be allied, your people and mine, and I shall kill any and all who come to you to do violence, and all I ask is that you do the same for me.

Neart looked up at the Dark Goddess with a smile, red eyes shining in the new blackness of the room. “Oh, we will make war for you, Bandia Dorcha. When all is done, and carrion lay on the ground, and we feast on it, you shall be the one that we look to in honor, and you shall be the only thing that is inviolate to us.”